Quote of the Day

“The truth is like a lion, you don’t need to defend it. Just set it free, it can defend itself.”
– Augustine

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Decentralization is the way forward

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Government and Morality

Some of the basic questions used to confirm the validity of the government posed by Larken Rose

“Can I delegate a right that I don’t have to another person”

or to put it another way

“If something is immoral for me to do can I make it moral for another person to do the same thing”

the obvious answer is NO!..To follow up that line of questioning up we can ask the question

“Can 2 people have the right to delegate a right they don’t have to another person or group of people”

and on to the question

“Can any number of people ever have the right to delegate rights they don’t have to other persons or groups of people”

for example do I have the right to to order my friends and neighbours to go and fight In a war on my behalf .. this very simple question brings the validity and the morality of government into question. If it’s bad or morally wrong for all of us as a group of people to do something, how then can we choose another group of people (namely a government) and delegate these rights to them

another very simple approach raises the legitimacy of legislation. By asking the question

“Is there any ritual a human being can do that makes something bad into something good? or vice versa ..something good into something bad”

if not then what purpose dose legislation(legislation being the ritual of passing a document with some writing on it through what we call parliament)  serve? it cant change anything from right to wrong or moral to immoral, it is redundant. either it just happens to match what was already the right way of acting, or it is trying to change the morality of a particular action or way of acting. It can only do one of two things, either it is trying to force us to do something our own individual morality would have guided us to anyway OR it is  illegitimate because it is trying to change our morality our right into wrong or vice versa as with tax. Taxation without legislation IS theft… and if I don’t have the right to force someone to give me some of there money….can I delegate that right to a group of people we call Inland Revenue?. no I cant and no amount of legislation makes it right

if you dismiss this line of questioning and just make the assumption that.. we still need Law and legislations  to ensure a smoothly functioning society. Then I suggest you question your assumptions and perhaps take a look at our society

[The majority of text in this post was taken from the folowing video]

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press for truth


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revolution and government

“outside of anarchism there is no such thing as revolution”

-Peter Kropotkin

.. someone should tell Rusell Brand this

We have to first make the distinction between government forced control and voluntary co-operation . Revolution is the destruction of government whatever forum it takes revolution and government are incompatible one must destroy the other no mater what form it takes

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Quote of the day

“We do not “come into” this world; we “come out” of it, like leaves from a tree. As the ocean “waves,” so the universe “peoples.”

-Allan Watts

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What is Anarchism

Anarchy dose not mean civil disobedience or civil unrest although both these things are sometimes necessary to achieve anarchy.Most anarchist have adopted the non aggression principle this states that an anarchist must not initiate violence  and that violence or is only justified in direct self defence. This is not a “rule” but a common recognition of a moral principle that comes naturally to anybody who has adopted the principle of self ownership and ultimate responsibility for there actions. Anarchy is not chaos or disorder in fact quite the opposite. Anarchy is the highest form of order, it is order through cooperation between self aware sovereign individuals that have made the decision to accept full personal responsibility for there action’s and choose to work together for a common goal

Anarchism questions authority and demands the dismantling of that authority if that authority can not justify its existence

Anarchism is faith in the human race to be able and willing to take care of its own affairs without the need for coercion, manipulation, exploitation, and blatant forced control.

Anarchism only basis for any just society .. the peaceful voluntary  co-operation of group’s of individuals living and working together for the greater good

Voluntary cooperation is the  meaning of anarchism

Anarchism is freedom

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