A Bit About Me

A bit add another page.

I am a child of the 90’s born in the 70’s…

I was in my teens for the rave culture and immersed in the football hooligan, oneupmanship, casual culture around the tenement schemes I grew up in…

The tenement schemes were in my early days we lit fires in the bin houses, the same bin houses that in my early teens we would find shelter in as we drank surprisingly large amounts of Buckfast and cheap cider, until young adulthood were my leisure time (witch was all the time) moved to the tenement flats to party for days fuelled with cocaine and Buckfast

As I matured so did my pallet and I aquierd a taste for malt whiskey… I never lost the taste for cocaine

After several years of partying drinking and snorting I dropped the whiskey drinking and instead began taking large and I mean large! amounts of amphetamine, only for a short time though (about six months!) because the human body can only take so much  ….it was all great fun!! if a bit un-fulfilling…

It was after the amphetamine phase.. , in fact it was the culmination of the six month amphetamine binge that brought me to me knees and forced me to face the reality of my own mortality (around December 2012 exactly as the mians predicted!!)resulting in me having some sort of brain readjustment/spiritual awakening/change of direction after witch I opened my narrow views on life and its curiosity’s to all possibility’s…. and realized I had been wrong about most of the things I believed I was right about. I realized I had been holding some beliefs so completely that the wear not recognizable to me as beliefs!… but suddenly they were there … and i let them go

So now my time is spent meditating self reflecting and researching the inner workings and complexity of life in a vain attempted to make some sense of some part of it in some way or another..


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