The transition should begin strait away

In the 17 hundreds when Adam Smith published The Wealth Of Nations things were very different. We did not have the threat of scarcity of resources or the realization that our very survival could be under threat from over consumption.  We did not have the ability to effectively organize the distribution of resources, so the economic system that was emerging and the analysis and the ideas proposed by Adam Smith would have seemed reasonable and at the time and probably were.. The Wealth Of Nations is only concerned with the mechanics of the movement of money based on the assumption that the free market is required to manage our distribution of resources..

Well a quick look at any modern computer programming algorithm or the distribution structure of a major supermarket chain will tell you we have the organizational intelligence to distribute our resources fairly and (assuming most of us still have our humanity intact)..provide for every member of the human family while still sustaining and nurturing the planet. That we haven’t begun this process already speaks volumes about who is really in control. The transition to a system of distribution that achieves these goals will be long and difficult but it is absolutely necessary and it should begin strait away

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