Bombarding you yet subtlety manipulating you at the same time its all around us

it is part of our culture and its based on deceit and trickery, always on the edge of morality its boundaries have been slowly expanded

before the onset of the consumer culture in the 20/30s advertising main purpose was imparting information about the product. That all changed with the introduction of TV advertising space and the onset of mass production, with witch came the need to create demand for the products

Advertising facilitates the rampant consumerism that is destroying our society it is part of the self perpetuating machine that is capitalism, Capitalism is consuming our society. Is there a grand kabbala of masons in control of our destiny.Well there is certainly grand kabbal’s of masons and who knows what other unknown secretive gatherings of wealthy people but despite there wish to be so.. NONE of them are in control.. Of course there are very powerful groups of billionaires that are feeding the machine and manipulating the scenery and outcomes as best they can…

Do they come together to conspire and try to expand and maintain there power and control?…

Of course they do!

But they are no more than men and woman like you or me

They don’t have control!

At best they improvise and make the best of whatever comes up next, we still have control over our own destiny, we can begin to make changes that will begin the process of de-constructing the whole system right now!. We are witnessing the battle being “thought” as more people wake up to techniques used by the corporations, the corporation have to employ ever stronger tactics to keep you in your obedient consumerist mind set. There are changes happening in the world , what you do about it is up to you

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