The reality is that we are one family sharing the same household all bound by the same laws of nature all requiring the same basic resources but rather than organizing ourselves to harvest these resources and distribute these essential resources  in an efficient and proper manner that is sustainable for this planet, this planet that provides for its inhabitance, this planet of witch we are a part, in the same way a leaf is a part of a tree or a wave is a part of the ocean. With every breath we exchange nutrition with the plants. If you think you are not part of this planet try holding your breath for a while!.. but… instead of looking after the planet, ourselves, the whole, we divide and compete and exploit each other to hoard and waste resources, why do we do this, is it “human nature” ? Is it really “us” that is doing this?.. me and you?. Or is it the unaccountable bureaucrats that make law’s and control the means of production and through there ownership and control of the media influence how we think?

Is it us that is doing this??

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