What is Anarchism

Anarchy dose not mean civil disobedience or civil unrest although both these things are sometimes necessary to achieve anarchy.Most anarchist have adopted the non aggression principle this states that an anarchist must not initiate violence  and that violence or is only justified in direct self defence. This is not a “rule” but a common recognition of a moral principle that comes naturally to anybody who has adopted the principle of self ownership and ultimate responsibility for there actions. Anarchy is not chaos or disorder in fact quite the opposite. Anarchy is the highest form of order, it is order through cooperation between self aware sovereign individuals that have made the decision to accept full personal responsibility for there action’s and choose to work together for a common goal

Anarchism questions authority and demands the dismantling of that authority if that authority can not justify its existence

Anarchism is faith in the human race to be able and willing to take care of its own affairs without the need for coercion, manipulation, exploitation, and blatant forced control.

Anarchism only basis for any just society .. the peaceful voluntary  co-operation of group’s of individuals living and working together for the greater good

Voluntary cooperation is the  meaning of anarchism

Anarchism is freedom

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