Truth is The First Casualty of War

In the early days of the Iraq war media journalist Andrew Tyndall analysed 414 news story’s aired by ABC CBS and NBC about the build up to the war finding that 380 of them that’s 92%!! sourced back to one of three U.S government agencies .. the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon

Now the story that Syria has chemical weapons is almost laughable if it wasn’t part of something so large and unquestionably evil

To see that the American government give this as there reasons for there invasion and occupation of Syria (witch make no mistake about it was planned many years ago) to me is a jaw dropping offence on our collective intellect, but… still the propaganda machine will pump out there state sponsored story’s to align you, and manufacture your consent… and the majority will swallow it. Do not be fooled by these acts of aggression by the American war lord’s, there interest is in protecting the one currency they have a monopoly on, in service of there masters in the Federal Reserve regardless of the cost to human life

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