Understanding concepts and the validity of government

so… concepts do not exist as physical things in the real world, for something to exist physical it must be composed of atoms and energy, for example if I have 2 coffee cups they have wight and density, I can confidently say I have physical objects in my hands when I am holding two coffee cup’s but if one of the cups is filed with tea then it is becoming problematic to call it a coffee cup so what if one of the cups is no longer used for coffee or tea but instead used as say.. a wax holder for a scented candle then what if what I have always believed was a coffee cup turns out to be a ceramic oil sump for a random piece of machinery what if it is smashed up is it still a coffee cup? so as you can see the concept of a coffee cup is indeed just that a concept it dose not exist in the real world the physical object exists but “coffe cup” is just a concept

We group like things together and give them a label but the label itself is not a physical thing it is just a concept..

Now for a concept to be reasonable it has to have validity… so if I want to validate my claim of having two coffee cups in my hands then I can say that coffee cups are round have a handle are made of china and hold fluid so that would seem to validate my claim…

so concepts are only reasonable insofar as they can be validated… Lets say I have a cupboard with all my cutlery in it and I put my coffee cups away in a cupboard with the rest of my cutlery plates saucers etc.then it is reasonable to say

“I have cutlery in the cupboard”

The concept holds because the concept of cutlery can be defined as things I use to eat or prepare my food with

If I also put a garden hose in the cupboard?… then the group of objects I have created can no longer be called “cutlery”


the term cutlery becomes invalid

so…. we can say that concepts are only valid in so far as they accurately describe physical instances within the real world

So anytime you have a concept witch dose not accurately describe the things witch it is supposed to contain it is an

“invalid concept”

Just like if I call my garden hose with my plates and cups


It becomes an invalid concept

the garden hose invalidates the concept so when you have a concept in your mind then it has to accurately describe the properties it is trying to encapsulate

so now we have established that concepts do not actually exist in reality but are useful to us so long as they can be validated in reality

Lets look at Government…

well we all know government is made up of people like you and me. They are not another spices they are Human Beings the same as me and you but we label this certain group of people government so this label is a concept government is a concept it dose not exist in actual physical realty… well !….

As we discovered in order for a concept to be valid it must accurately describe the properties it is trying to encapsulate


it is made up of people ,

people are real they have mater flesh energy they exist in the real world

so we have a group of people that exist within the real world

government is a group of people and the general population is another group of people

The individuals within both these groups of people are interchangeable many people work within government and change to the private sector and vice versa It is possible for individuals within general population to seek and gain employment within government and become part of government so the people within government are the same people that are  within the general population can you see the problem?

In actual reality one group is made up of individuals exactly the same as the other  You can not have a group of people called government that have different attributes than the group of people outside of government it is like saying plates can be called gardening equipment and hoses can be called cutlery

there is in realty no such group of people with the attributes we subscribe to government the moment we have a concept with attributes that are different from the things or human beings it describes then we have an “invalid concept” the concept dose not accurately descried the reality therefore government is an invalid concept. We subscribe different values to the group we call government like the ability to enforce tax on the other group , the ability to send the the other group to war!! Impose laws on the other group , but the group we call government contain people with exactly the same attribute as the group we call general population all the attributes we subscribe to the group we call government are completely made up and in fact false because the group of people we call government is actually much.. much..! smaller than the general population so why should they be able to control us at all . Government is an invalid concept with false attributes

we are not children that cannot look after ourselves … we are not a savage species that will cause mayhem unless controlled.. We are a self aware beings that are evolving exponentially and are on the cusp of an evolutionary change in consciousness.. Government may have once served a purpose(and I’m not even sure about that) but not any more it must be deconstructed so humans can  be allowed to continue on there evolutionary path unhindered and will be able to find a balance within the Eco system that is the planet we are part of

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