Government and forced taxation

Q.If we have no government who would provide roads and street lights and healthcare what about foreign invaders?

A.Government and taxes are necessary.

Underlying this argument is a lot of false assumptions first of all lets be clear what government and taxation is. It is the people that we have given the power to force you to comply with the rules they make up. Taxes are the same people demanding money from us so we give them our money and they decide how to spend it and if you don’t like it… well you can wait for a few years vote and maybe something will change. So that is mostly what people think, if we didn’t have a ruling class taking our money and protecting us how could we  have roads and healthcare.

The implication is that millions of people would just sit around thinking we cant do it without politicians and tax collectors we cant have roads we cant organize or protect each other, and it rests on this bizarre assumption that things that everybody wants they wouldn’t work to achieve or do anything to make happen unless there are politicians forcing us to give them money so they can make it happen

human beings are problem solvers if problems arise within a group then people will organize to overcome any problems that is presented, by themselves not because there is a person ruling the group and forcing everybody to overcome the problem but because people are not stupid. You may say that in order to organize, a group of people need a leader that is true but there is a fundamental difference between a leader and a ruler , rulers rely on domination fear and punishment leader’s earn respect and are followed for there value as beneficial to the group

Almost everything you own has come about as a result of voluntary cooperation the computer you are reading this on, the clothes on your back even the food you eat none of it was produced by a government or as a result of taxes it is the result of freedom (well relative freedom) not of authority but of individual choice, not of forced compliance so why can freedom not achieve a road or healthcare or protection

There is no reasonable argument for government or forced taxation the fact we or most people think we need a government to achieve these things is a sign of the depth of our indoctrination the fact that most people want to achieve something be it roads or helping the poor means that we don’t need to be forced to do it, all that is needed is organization and free associations WITHOUT government restrictions and interference

Government dose not add anything to the equation all it adds is the money it steals from us it is the people that have the skills and know how and the labour force so what the question relay means is. How can we have roads or help the poor or protect yourself if there isn’t a gang of thugs with permission to violently control and rob us and when you recognize that that is what the question really means you realize how utterly idiotic the question is

(transcribed and slightly modified from a video by larken Rose)

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