The illusion of choice.

Almost every brand named product you consume is owned by the same 10 corporationscorporations

Above is a info-graphic depicting the brands that are owned by the same 10 corporations

These corporations care not one bit about the welfare of there customer(only to an extent that it might effect there reputation and therefore there sales/profits)and would not question feeding you poison and in fact sometimes do

There is such things as ethically produced products they usually come from small businesses at a local level and are becoming harder but not impossible to source. Unfortunately they are usually a bit more expensive than the familiar mass produced brands. Such is the nature of the system that has been developed by our corporate masters . Many people, more and more as the economy declines have little choice but to accept the cheap made, chemical laden products offered to us by the glittery advertising and corporate sponsored programing that makes up the majority of our scheduled “entertainment” on the mind control box that is television

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