The xfactor .. fuck me how wrong is that program .. what message are we getting from programs like this, it is a completely false message, the capitalist system is collapsing through the weight of inequality and poverty and it tells us that ‘you have a chance to be incredibly successful,  you could win the lottery, or you can make yourself famous’. But be careful, if you take a chance on fame and we like you, then you could make us cry with joy, but if you are a bit different, a bit outside of what we define as being “normal” and judge to be good, then we will put you on display and we will humiliate you, we will make you sing 3 song in front of a nation then we will laugh at you and the whole nation will laugh at you with us

It’s a fucking false reality, there is beauty in people who are different, their differences should be celebrated, not mocked and to my mind there is only one way to achieve both success and happiness in your life and it is through embracing who you are and finding your inner beauty and confronting your inner demons and your  shadow and embracing all of yourself as a whole and then maybe you can find a path you can follow that will bring happiness and fulfilment, if it leads to wealth then so be it, if it does not then embrace it anyway and you will be happy or at least find some measure of contentment.  Life is not about putting yourself on display to a mob to be judge by their standards.

Like fucking sheep, people watch this “harmless entertainment” oblivious to, or choosing to ignore the fact that it is shaping our culture, a culture of judgment and cynicism .. stop feeding it. Stop feeding the negativity that exist inside every individual. Get these corporate bread influences out of your life and start feeding the positive side of your humanity. Create your own culture by opening your heart to the differences that make you and every other individual on this planet unique and beautiful .. love yourself


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