Teatly tea and the slave trade in Delhi

If there ever was an example of the inhumanity inherent in global corporate business it is the slave trade in Delhi, a country where work is the difference between survival and death by starvation, were the tea pickers for companies like TATA Global Beverages that supply the tea leaves for Tetly and no doubt other multinational corporate entities are paid such pittance of a wage they are easily lured into slavery with the false promise of a liveable wage

meanwhile the board of directors for Tetly measure their success by their status in the global market of tea suppliers, while the millions in profit pour into their bank accounts

TATA boast on their website of a steady increase in profits. The tea pickers in Delhi are paid  96 ruppies a day that is 75 ruppies below the minimum wage because the cartel owners have persuaded the state they cannot afford the minimum wage meanwhile TATA Global Beverages boast of a “significant increase in Group net profit”.






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