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Teatly tea and the slave trade in Delhi

If there ever was an example of the inhumanity inherent in global corporate business it is the slave trade in Delhi, a country where work is the difference between survival and death by starvation, were the tea pickers for companies … Continue reading

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The xfactor .. fuck me how wrong is that program .. what message are we getting from programs like this, it is a completely false message, the capitalist system is collapsing through the weight of inequality and poverty and it … Continue reading

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Anarchism in action

Vice piece on a group that first appeared in the 1980s called Class War they have had some of success with their protests against class segregation in London housing blocks with a campaign against the “poor doors” a separate front … Continue reading

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Motivational statement number 1

A small group of highly motivated fearless men can achieve far more than an army of cowardly obedient sheep

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Government are…

Owned by corporations Run by psychopaths Fueled by illegal wars Manipulating our culture through media Poisoning our food and water Lying about an imaginary economy based on debt Suppressing technology that could be developed into sustainable energy Starving, humiliating and … Continue reading

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There are no terrorists

Whatever you think of the mainstream media’s reporting it cannot be denied that they have a tendency to report negative stories that have underlying warnings about you, your family’s and your country’s safety , why do they do this?..Do people … Continue reading

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