Deconstructing Your Core Beliefs

For most people, de-constructing their core beliefs is a seemingly impossible task, but given that most people have some core beliefs that are completely false and collectively are damaging to the progression of humanity, it is essential to confront and analyse them

the reason these beliefs are shared by most of the population of the western world  is something that deserves its own investigation but put simply.. propaganda, fear-mongering and elitism serving its own agenda, that is what is responsible

so how do we begin the process of revealing and analysing our core beliefs. First of all the easiest and quickest way is through the consumption of large quantities of psychedelic drugs, but… since this might not be an option for some people I recommend the following 2 steps to begin the process

no1. Stop Watching TV..this might be difficult if you are in the habit of doing this everyday (which most people are) but like any habit once broken it becomes easier to avoid.There is I believe far too little importance placed on the subtle effect TV has on our decision making and our interactions with each other. TV literally creates our culture and our culture creates and reinforces the core beliefs we are trying to question. We have very little control over the influence of TV and very little awareness of its effect directly on us on an individual and more so a collective level

no.2. Educate Yourself ..since you have no TV to watch , what to do? … Educate yourself .. Start learning, and I don’t mean state sponsored indoctrination, I mean educate YOURSELF, use the Internet, seek out information you feel to be correct, take it in, and then analyse it and then take in the contradictory information and counter arguments and analyse them, then make up your own mind about what you believe. Start a blog, share your thoughts, have an argument
no.2b…Educate yourself some more.. don’t ever stop educating your self, never accept without questioning, the information about current events that you pick up from whatever source you choose to put some of your trust in. Sure you can seek out the most reliable source’s of news and information, but if you start to accept everything they are telling you as truth, then you have simply swapped one for another .. you cannot get a clear and complete picture from a single source, most alternative news reports are mixed with opinions and second-hand information which may or may not have been confirmed and main-stream news is mostly bullshit because of the selective reporting of stories that fit their agenda and sometime, more frequently infact … just plain lies and fiction. It can be useful to watch these channels to figure out their narrative and to get an insight into what their agenda may be.

The more you begin to question and research the news that comes to you, the clearer an understanding of the reality of the situation you will get

and that is a good start on a journey of discovery for anybody interested in truth and freedom.

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